Related brands

Our protected brands are designed by Re-N Technology and reflect our products.

The Zitta-Systems™ transform manure from pigs, dairy, poultry and other organic material into new products:
- Biogas
- Fertilizer
- Burning pellets
- Cleaned wastewater
With other words we recycle nutrients and produce CO2 neutral energy from manure.

The Re-N manure management concept in combination with The Zitta-Systems™ reduces the CO2 outlet from agriculture section. 1 ton of manure processed in the Zitta-Systems™ is equal to approximately 100 ton CO2 equivalents.
A Biogas Plant processing 100.000 ton manure/year reduces the outlet of CO2 with 10.000 ton per year. In parts of the world where Carbon Trading under the Kyoto Agreement is possible, Re-N’s quotes can be traded to increase income to the biogas plant.

Zitta-Biogas™ is the name of the biogas plants using the Zitta-Systems™ and trade products significant for the Zitta-Biogas™ Plants.

Zitta-GreenGas™ is our unit transforming biogas (60 % methane and 40 % CO2) into almost 100 % methane and CO2. The concentrate of the methane can be added into the natural gas net or used as methane fuel for vehicles.

Zitta-Fertilizer™ is a high quality fertilizer product that contains recycled nutrients from the manure. The fertilizer is available in a number of concentrations.

Zitta-GreenFuel™ is CO2 neutral fiber pellets, also a product from the Zitta-Biogas™ plant.